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Action for Children

Child Development: Child welfare and child development programs, street children rehabilitation, to support nutrition to the poor under privileged children, to encourage different cultures within the country and abroad (National and International), to encourage yoga and naturopathy, games and sports for future good citizens.

Cultural: Cultural exchange, to promote art of Dance, Drama, music, painting, cinematography

AFC is based on the concept that development is a peoples issue and involved the privileged masses in the development process. It sensitizes the advantaged mass to stand up act and make a difference in the lives. Awareness programs on Education were organized in vicinity of slums at Mansoorabad area located in Hyderabad. Mainly the focus was to aware the children on basic right that is on SURVIVAL, PROTECTION, DEVELOPMENT & PARTICIPATION. All children have the right to SURVIVAL- To live, Get good health care, Get good food regularly, Have a name- your own identity, To have a nationality – belong to a country that will care for you. All children have the right to PROTECTION (To have a family that will protect you, to be safe from physical or mental harm & to have your own privacy). Children were also educated on the right to education as today children are future.

Special Residential Care Centre for Orphan Children

The aftermath of urbanization is unwarranted migration Telangana has seen a lot of inflow migration from different states, with larger number following from Odisha and Maharashtra states. Resulting in loss of valuable basic needs and denying children from continuum of education. Thus from 2014 it has been running a special residential care center at Mansoorabad village of Hyderabad for the school dropout children. The center’s main focus is to bridge the gap between education and readmitting the children into mainstream schools for their continuum of quality education. A wide range of activities is taken up at the Home. The children are provided with food, shelter and clothing and an arrangement has been made with Lotus Hospitals for the conducting monthly health checkups. The children are regularly counseled on education and Behavioural Communication Change. The children’s latent skills are identified and nurtured and they are involved in cultural and other recreational activities. A sense of discipline has been instilled among them through adherence to a pre-set timetable. Most of them belong to the downtrodden Scheduled Caste community and hail from below poverty line families. It has successfully mainstreamed 123 children into the government schools.