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Awareness Programs Prevention of Tobacco

Addiction: Rehabilitation with treatment the People who are addicts with alcohols, drug abuse, illicit liquor

Organization after Baseline study organized awareness camps on Prevention of Tobacco at different areas of Hyderabad slums as Tobacco consumption in multiple forms presents an emerging, significant and growing threat to the health of adolescents, especially those from low socio-economic communities. Prevalence of Tobacco use was higher among boys than girls. Adolescents reported using Tobacco in multiple forms, chewing Tobacco being the most popular. Peer pressure, easy availability and affordability were important reasons associated with Tobacco initiation and continued use. Though they had some knowledge about the harmful effects of Tobacco, this was not sufficient to motivate them to abstain or quit. Smoking-related illnesses cause more deaths than alcohol, car accidents, illegal drugs, suicides homicides, driving while intoxicated, and fire . Tobacco use is responsible for a wide range of other health conditions. Cigarette smoking causes many diseases and affects every organ of the body. Tobacco use is a major contributor to chronic lung disease.