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Labour Welfare Environment Awareness Programs

Labour Welfare : Environment protection, Pollution control activities in Industrial Areas, sanitation, to inculcate spirit of unity among citizen, to cooperate and associate with similar organizations.

Dalits and advisees : Socio Economic development programs for dalits, tribals and back ward castes people, Integrated Tribal development programs, housing activities for poor Dalits and advisees, science and Technology development for poor dalits and advisees.

Health for All was also actively involved in campaigns like Save the Earth has it profoundly believes in safeguarding the natural resources. Thus, always in its activities uses green and natural products. In this pursuit it also conducted 12 mass environment awareness programmes through mid-media activity. All the operational areas were covered educating the villagers and community members on importance of planting trees, saving water, judicious usage of water, importance of safe drinking water, sanitation, hand washing and toileting. More than 100 members in each camp has been reached, in total 1500 community members were reached through this activity. The resources for this activity were raised locally.