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Mission Education

To promote literacy among illiterates, Education for all includes street children, Orphan children, Adult Education, personality development, Inculcate Patriotic development among the citizen of the India

Health for All strongly believes that whether you are addressing health issues, poverty, population control, unemployment, human rights, there’s no better place to start than in the corridors of education. Health for All promotes and catalyses universal education among underprivileged children and creates the process required to streamline them into mainstream Schools. At present, Health for All organized nearly 80 awareness camps in the slums of twin cities, mainly focusing on children rights and care.


Promote is an employability program wherein training in English proficiency, basic computers and personality development is impaired to underprivileged youth. At present, 250 youth are benefited from this programme.

Progress through partnership:

Health for All success and reach can be attributed to its bandwidth of support to over 500 families, 200 children, 500 youth and credible linkages with other grassroots NGO’s. Health for All is supported by many likeminded people and renowned organizations like Individual Donors, Smile Foundation, Government of Telangana etc