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About Us

Health for All is a not-for-profit; Indian Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) registered in the year 1991 vide number 4221 under the Andhra Pradesh (Telangana Area) Public Societies Registration Act, 1350 Fasli (Act of 1350F). It is a Voluntary development organization working to restore comprehensive development for the vulnerable and marginalized communities. Subsequently, it has complied with all the Statuary Compliances acquiring certificates such as 12A, 80G certificates under Income Tax for tax exemptions, FCRA certificate issued by Ministry of Home Affairs enabling the organization to receive foreign grants. We at Health for All believe that the desires change in the lives of underprivileged children will come only when more and more privileged people participate proactively in finding a solution to the problem.

We Believe and thrive for:

Every child has basic rights of Survival, Protection, Development and Participation. Children have the Right to SURVIVAL- To live, Get good health care, get healthy food regularly, have a name, own identity and have a nationality. All children have the Right to PROTECTION – To have a family that will protect you, to be safe from all harms and have own privacy

  1. Sound and Harmonious Environment (Immaculate)

    • To bring awareness among people to protect the echo system and for second planet earth.
    • To eradicate the human and neighborhood humiliation
    • To provide the harmonious environment to overcome superstitions
    • Social problems in order to develop a global nature (family)

  1. The Welfare of Women and Children

    • To provide nutritious food for pre and post natal mothers and infants
    • To look after the pre and post predicament deliveries
    • To provide immunization to the infants for polio, DPT, MMR, HIV etc.
    • Homes for disputed and swindled women

  1. Eradicate poverty to obtain temperate living

    • Rural & Urban upliftment in education, hygiene, savings, agriculture, horticulture etc.,
    • Homes and education for street children and child labor
    • Old age and disabled assistances

  1. Against the social threats like HIV, Leprosy, Terrorism, Communal Disharmony

    • HIV Awareness programmes
    • Proper medical tests and medication
    • Rehabilitation and counseling

  1. Strengthen and or establish more effective links with others working in health, social welfare, community development,adult literacy and basic education

    • To help people to reach and attain the Government programmes what so ever (making)
    • To develop and enhance skill and Social Research


Children's health, adult health, Old ages homes, women's health, to organize health seminars, workshops, reproductive child health and nutrition, HIV/AIDS, mental health, Corona pandemic, eye disabilities


To promote literacy among illiterates, Education for all includes street children, Orphan children, Adult Education, personality development, Inculcate Patriotic development among the citizen of the India


Rehabilitation with treatment the People who are addicts with alcohols, drug abuse, illicit liquor.

Labor welfare:

Environment protection, Pollution control activities in Industrial Areas, sanitation, to inculcate spirit of unity among citizen, to cooperate and associate with similar organizations.

Women Development:

Women empowerment includes, entrepreneurship, rehabilitation for widows, destitute, Orphan girl children, old age, with nutritional supplement for anemic pregnant women, Vocational training for widows and needy people

Child Development:

Child welfare and child development programs, street children rehabilitation, to support nutrition to the poor under privileged children, to encourage different cultures within the country and abroad (National and International), to encourage yoga and naturopathy, games and sports for future good citizens.

Old age security:

Rehabilitation of Old age, senior citizens welfare activities, victimized, to help the old aged in natural calamities, and epidemics.

Dalits and advisees:

Socio Economic development programs for dalits, tribals and back ward castes people, Integrated Tribal development programs, housing activities for poor Dalits and advisees, science and Technology development for poor dalits and advisees


Cultural exchange, to promote art of Dance, Drama, music, painting, cinematography