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Vision and Mission


We envision a society where every individual has equal opportunities with human excellence, free from all forms of discrimination, strengthening their inherent capacities to live a dignified life.

Our Mission

The mission of Health for All is to proactively be of service to human kind especially children, women, farmers, youth and vulnerable populations in all spheres of life focusing on holistic development of wellbeing through an inspirational and social change by helping them to help themselves.

Strengths of the HEALTH FOR ALL :

  • Well reputed organization and occupied with infrastructure and assets.
  • Good Administration system and sound financial system
  • Strong presence in the communities working for
  • Advocating to enhance the quality of human lives
  • Coordination with Government and Public sector.
  • Linkages with different formal and informal leaders and other NGO’s.
  • Experience of implementing multiphase projects.
  • Professional volunteers like scientists and other skilled experienced staff being there.
  • Experience of working with National and International agencies.